Biography of Shaikh Salaah bin Muhammad Al-Budair

Sheikh Salaah bin Muhammad Al-Budair
He was born in the city of Hufoof; one of the cities in the eastern region of the province of Al-Ahsaa. He received (obtained) his education in the city of Hufoof. He is the older son; followed by him is his brother Sheikh Nabeel. Between them their voice is different but style of recitation is very similar.
He began imamat when he was in secondary level around the year 1406. He led salaat alternately with his Sheikh Ahmed As-Salmy from Mashaikh Governor of Al-Ahsaa. He received his university education from the University of Muhammad bin Saud Al-Islamiyya in the Department of Shariah in the province of Al-Ahsaa. He then (studied) in Institute of Higher learning in (Islamic) Law.
He was initially appointed imam in the city of Damam then moved (was appointed) in the city of Riyadh, then became an imam in Madinah Munawwarah . The Sheikh has a calm recitation from the heart, and is a very humble man.
He lives in the city of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and where he is a judge in the high court of Madinah (along with being an Imam in the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him’s Masjid). May Allah protect him and continue to keep him humble. And he is from the tribe of Tameem.

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Pressing REALSTAR said...

ماشاء الله. اللهم بارك

A'bdallah said...

Masha Allah. I actually live in Hufuf in Al-Ahsa. I dont know him personally, but their is one Shaikh here, whom I know, he knows Shaikh Saleh.
Shaikh Saleh's recitation is so beautiful. May Allah Protect him and give him a long life.